Sole Elliptical

The Sole E35 Elliptical trainer is a somewhat high priced elliptical but reviewed to be worth the money paid. It can be purchased in many places, online and offline. Due to its popularity, it can be found in many different sporting goods stores as well as the online retail stores as well as and eBay. This machine which is priced around $1300 can also be purchased directly from Sole Fitness.

Reviewers say that for a machine priced under $1500, it offers very quiet and smooth operation, unlike many in the same price level. This model has several features that set it apart from others in the same price range, including the warranty. Most others have only a 90 day warranty whereas the Sole E35 offers a 5 year parts warranty as well as a 3 year labor warranty.
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Are you looking for a dependable, well-built elliptical trainer? Take a look at the latest models from Sole Fitness! Sole elliptical trainers have a reputation of being among the best values in their price range…and with good reason.

So, what makes Sole elliptical trainers such good values? To begin with, the exceptional features that come equipped on Sole ellipticals make these machines appealing.

Features on Sole Elliptical Trainers

All the latest Sole elliptical trainer models come equipped with an incline feature. This feature allows the user to adjust the incline level to get a more intense cardio workout and to target all the different muscle groups in the lower body. By changing the incline level, and thus the angle of the elliptical motion, you can change the focus to your glutes and quadriceps. In addition, you increase the intensity of your cardio workout.
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