Review of the Proform PFEL53408 ErgoStrider 3.0 Elliptical

Technical Details and Uses – The Proform PFEL53408 ErgoStrider 3.0 Elliptical flaunts several highly developed devices and features designed for its aesthetic appeal and technical use. These include the LED pacer trainer, an electrocardiogram grip pulse capable of displaying a graphical recording of your cardiac cycle, an automatic fan for cooling its user, an LCD display with blue tint, six preset workout profiles, digital resistance scaling, and lastly a water bottle holder positioned in the center of the machine. The Proform Ergostrider Elliptical is designed to work various muscles of an individual, including the gluteus maximus, the heart, the lungs, the arms, the quads, and the calves.

Use – Ergostrider’s Proform 3.0 Elliptical is extremely easy to use. With a very visible LCD display, the elliptical’s user is able to effortlessly scroll through the machine’s various options or choose one of the six preset workout profiles. A review given by a buyer asserts that the machine is “easy to use” and “operates smoothly”, claiming she would buy the product again if given the chance. In essence, you do not need a degree in rocket science in order to understand how to work this product.

Maintenance – When it comes to this particular elliptical, maintenance is one of its weak points. Several individuals who had purchased Ergostider’s 3.0 Elliptical submitted negative reviews about the hassles of setting up the elliptical and the machine’s low quality assembly parts.

A recent review submitted by a dissatisfied purchaser of the elliptical from Best Buy noted that “the machine isn’t good enough to constantly support a user of around 215 lbs or more without consistent and frequent repairs. Even in its best shape, it is a little clunky and noisy.” Another unhappy buyer writes “just put this together today, and thought it was perfect, until I got on it…

It catches at certain spots and makes a loud clicking noise when it does, which makes it very hard to use.” Many of the product’s low ratings are due to its undeniable difficulty to assemble, insufficient manufacturing, and annoying (to say the least) clicking noises made when using the products.

Purpose – Does the Ergostrider Proform 3.0 Elliptical operate the way it’s supposed to? The purpose of an elliptical is to target various muscle groups in order to maximize calorie burning efficiency and to give its user an enjoyable workout. Although the Ergostrider Proform 3.0 Elliptical completes its technical purpose, many users are dissatisfied due to the product’s unnecessary clicking and “clunkiness”. This product would be great for people who are able to tolerate annoying noises; however, people who are unable to do so are in for a very low quality workout.

Pros and Cons
Pros: Easy to operate, great aesthetics, supports luxury needs (e.g., fan, handle grip, water bottle carrier), low price, compact
Cons: Clunky, noisy, low quality framework, wobbly when standing on it, poor manufacturing, difficult to assemble

Overview – Although the Ergostrider Proform 3.0 Elliptical has its ups and downs, it gets the job done. It may be manufactured poorly and is noisy when operated, but you get what you pay for. It is a decent piece of workout equipment, and if you don’t mind clicking noises, a slight wobble, and taking a couple hours out of your day to assemble the elliptical, you are getting a pretty good buy.

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