What is the Quietest Elliptical Trainer ?

Elliptical trainers have become part of the landscape of gyms for a good amount of time now. As most gym equipment does elliptical trainers have made there way to the home user. Now as competition grows in the home market for elliptical’s most people have the same concerns. The concerns for the home user are usually size and how loud the machine is. While the size is dependent on the size you have available we decided to look into the quietest elliptical on the market.

As we started looking across the board we were taken back to a select few companies. The companies included Sole, Nordic Track, Schwinn and Precor. Let me just say that all of these companies produce elliptical trainers that everyone should take a look at. While the competition was stiff the winner came out to e the Sole E35 Elliptical Trainer.

Overall the Sole E35 rates as a wonderful machine besides being the quietest on the market. You will find 20 different resistance levels with 8 programs to choose from. They have also equipped speakers with an mp3 player dock for your convenience. Sole has also put a lifetime warranty on the frame along with 5 years on all parts and electronics.

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G March 12, 2011 at 6:35 pm

Sole E35 Elliptical (Ramp Error)
I have done enough research to have learned the E35 was a highly rated elliptical in many consumer forums. However, one never knows which reviews are “chosen” to be posted on some forums. With the negative and positive reviews of Sole and the E35, the E35 was rated high enough, in my opinion, to warrant purchase, with the negatives being directed more towards the assembly process and not the quality of the elliptical. We have a local (40 miles) Dicks sporting goods store where we live where we purchased the E35 on Saturday evening. We got home and took our time assembling elliptical (3 1/2 hrs). Turned unit on to get “Ramp Err” message. Looked online to see if we could find similar situations. There were. We tried all of the suggested remedies, none worked. Called Sole, they were closed until Monday. Called Sole on Monday, they said they would ship me parts to fix E35 3-4 day Fed Ex, should arrive by Friday, and a local repair Technician would call to set up time to install parts. Technician calls Thursday to verify if parts arrived, I told him they have not. I asked how far out are they in getting a technician to my home for the repair, he said about a week. I wanted to set up appointment during call he said call back when part arrives. Part arrives Next day, Friday. I call Repair Guy back to schedule appointment, He said the soonest he could be out is the following Thursday, I told him if it is going to take that long to get out here, just make it Friday(My Wife’s day off). By now I am pretty peed off that Sole took a passive position in sending part 3-4 day Fed Ex instead of next day air, I am also not happy that the repair guy, which lives within 3 miles of me, couldn’t make it sooner than a week for the fix. I call Dick’s sporting goods and talk to the General Manager telling him my dilemma and how upset I am with the entire situation. He was very kind and understanding, surprised that I was having a problem with a Sole product. He was ready and willing to do whatever it took to rectify the problem, including return elliptical, exchange for another one with in store credit, or wait for repair and he would still give me in store credit just for the hassle. We opted for the exchange with in store credit. My wife and I drove to Dick’s Friday evening, The manager on duty that evening, was aware of the situation and took care of us with no hassle’s. A BIG thank you to Dick’s management for rectifying the problem. Sole should compensate Dick’s for stepping up and taking care of the problem. Saturday I put the E35 together and it works fine. As far as reviews for the E35 and how my wife likes it, is yet to be determined as the assembly was just completed. ( P.S. I purposefully omitted amount of in store credit in respect to Dick’s)

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