How Many Miles is 5000 Steps on an Elliptical Machine ?

The first part of figuring this out is to determine the stride length of the 5000 steps. Not all machines are equal and this is the determining factor in calculating the miles traveled by the number of steps. Most elliptical machines will have a display which you can look at to determine your miles traveled, but if not there are ways that you can convert steps or revolutions into miles.

Generally however it is between 2000 and 2200 steps that are equal to a mile. To convert it into a closer number than just approximate, you will need to measure the wheel on the elliptical and determine the distance it can travel in one revolution.

The revolution would be counted as one “step” on the elliptical. After determining the distance the wheel travels as if it were rolling, you can divide this number which will be in inches into the number of steps you are curious about. That will give you how many inches you have traveled, then convert that into miles by multiplying the result by the number of inches in a mile. Some people prefer to convert to feet first and then to miles as you will be working with a smaller number by using feet.

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Jamie Washington July 3, 2011 at 2:11 pm

I am a walk fast walker and would like to know if it is a good idea to invest in a pedometer watch. I lead a busy life (I have young kids and I am a teacher) and walk in the morning and afternoon. Most of the time I can get 1 walking circuit in. I walk on different terrain around my neighbor hood and I’m dripping sweat when I finish. What is practical for me? Counting the length of my steps then determining the feet or miles I’ve walked.

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