Who Makes Mileage Fitness 1636 Elliptical ?

The 1636 Elliptical trainer is manufactured by Mileage Fitness, a not so well known manufacturer of many different types of fitness equipment. This particular elliptical is a high-end model that is usually found in a gym or a physical therapy center.

Because of the high quality accessories that are available with this model, many find the price too expensive for home use. However, it does offer a chest strap for heart rate monitoring as well as many different preset fitness workouts that the user can select.

Mileage Fitness offers several other elliptical trainers as well, each in their own category regarding price and accessories. The large display found on the 1636 model makes it easy for the user to see the miles traveled, calories used, time and average speed. If equipped, it will also display time remaining in workout program.

Again, this particular elliptical is priced right around $1100 for a standard model. However, the price is equal to other models in the same category with many available features and preset workouts that the user can select for varying their workout as well as making sure they are not over working their heart through constant heart rate monitoring. It can be found for purchase or rental online.

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alan simpson May 5, 2011 at 1:03 am

Can I buy a replacement computer for the Mileage fitness 1636 Thank Alan

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