What is the Best Commercial Elliptical Cross Trainer ?

What is an elliptical cross trainer?
An elliptical cross trainer is an aerobic machine that combines eliminates of walking/running and stair-stepping. It is much easier on the joints than other cardiovascular machines and can give a person a light, moderate, or intense workout. It also can work the upper and lower body simultaneously.

Where can I find an elliptical cross trainer?
Ellipticals are found in every gym, but if a person wants to use one for his or her home, he or she can purchase them from many fitness stores or from the internet.

Approximately, how much does an elliptical cross trainer cost?
The price of an elliptical varies, depending on the model and the features that it has. There are many ellipticals that are under 500 dollars, while there are some that cost over 4000 dollars.

What is the best commercial elliptical cross trainer?
The Precor EFX 5.33 has been voted the best commercial elliptical of 2011. Although it costs almost 500 dollars, if one can afford it, the money invested will be well worth it. It has been designed to making working out easy and has twenty different resistance levels that will help a person get the most out of his or her workout.

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